These are the Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Tirana

These are the Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Tirana

TIRANA, July 31

Call it farm-to-table, field-to-fork, field-to-plate, or food-to-fork, all these are terms that describe the trend that encourages people to get back to the village and eat locally for a day. Farm-to-table restaurants in Albania are also called Agro-tourism. They center their menu to what is available on their farm or at the farmers’ market. All the products are organic and locally sourced including wine, spirits, raki, and sometimes even beer.

Agro-tourism is a growing trend throughout Albania mostly because it is healthier, delicious, eco-friendly, supports farmers and communities. Even though the concept is simple, these restaurants offer a dazzling blend of traditional and contemporary architecture with some of them looking ridiculously fancy, even though there’s a farm next door.

We sourced through Tirana and nearby areas and compiled our list of farm-to-table eateries. (Make sure to have cash with you, not all restaurants in Albania accept debit/credit cards).

Nari Lunder, Lunder

agrotourism albania
Nari Lunder is known for meat dishes

The restaurant is situated on a hill surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. The menu is meat-based, but it also includes vegetables, cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, wine as well as international cuisine.

The farm includes:
two vineyards for red and white wine and grappa;
A facility for native cattle farming
An area for alpine goats farming
Olive groves for olive oil and table olives



Agrotourism slow food albania
Tave Elbasani, or Lamb and yogurt casserole, credit: Mullixhiu

Mullixhiu is considered to offer one of the best food experiences in the Albanian capital. Dedicated to local food, forgotten ingredients, and seasonally inspired plates, this restaurant shows the metamorphosis of traditional Albanian cuisine by taking it back to basics. Differently, from all the other restaurants on our list, Mullixhiu is within walking distance from Tirana’s center.  Besides the rich menu, the restaurant started an initiative against single-use plastic and other plastic items.


Ceren Ismet Shehu, Surrel (on the national road to Dajti Mountain)

Agrotourism Albania
Meat is an essential element of traditional Albanian cuisine, Credit: Ceren Ismet Shehu

This agro-tourism is located in a hospitable area, typical for Albanian tradition. The service, music, and rounded tables, besides the local production, offer an interesting culinary experience. The cooking is served uniquely, between the modern and traditional, with the tasty meat, pastries, cheese with blueberry/ walnuts, etc. The other consumer products such as eggs, wine, raki, are gathered every morning from the families living in the area.

Tomadhe Inn, Shengjergj

View from Tomadhe Inn

The Tomadhe Inn is a mixture of modern and classic architecture. All of the villas here are built with stone and wood. The reception area has a modern chimney and an amazing view. Tomadhe is surrounded by nature, the waterfall of Shengjergj and the lake of Lepuri (which is only 30 minutes away), a cave which is very easy to be explored, and a lake too. The waterfall of Shengjergji is one of the most interesting landmarks in the area.

Chateau Fasel, Linze

Agrotourism Albania
Treat yourself at Chateau Fasel

Chateau Fasel has an area of 3,500 square meters, where 900 square meters are built with rocks, with two big courtyards built at the end of the restaurant. The architectural style offers a combination of modern and antique influences. The restaurant is surrounded by trees, mountains, hills, a breathtaking lake, and a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The most beautiful spot you will find there are the olive plantations that are more than 1,000 years old.
Chateau Fasel offers nine accommodation premises. Three of the accommodation facilities consist of a traditional conception that corresponds with the three main regions of Albania: the northern, central, and southern regions.
The main cooking that this agro-tourism offers is the traditional Albanian cuisine, but Italian as well, with the selection of meat, cheese, and fresh products of the greenhouses from the families of the area. The main drink used at the restaurant area selection of the best wines produced in the grapevines of Dogjani Canteen. For hiking enthusiasts, mount Dajti is very close to this premise.

Emblema, Petrela

Agrotourism Albania
Different types of byrek

This restaurant is located near the center of Petrela Village, in the shape of a castle, maintain this on its interior and exterior design. The traditional cooking offered is from the area of Tirana, but from the southern region as well. The products are processed by them, where goat cheese, yogurt, butter, and other dairy products prevail. Also, the accommodation rooms, offer a beautiful view.

Golden Crown, Cekrez

Agrotourism Albania
The resort is a nice option for events and weddings

This agro-tourism is located on the hill of the Cekrez village. The complex offers a blend of the restaurant, hotel, pool, farm, and grapevines. This premise offers a nice view of the landscape and green nature. The cuisine is traditional, and their most typical dishes are duck meat and lamb meat-based. Whereas, other products that are being offered at Golden Crown are: cheese, meat, vegetables, wine (that are collected from its farm and vineyards), etc.

Keshtjella M&D, (Castle M&D), Ndroq

Agrotourism Albania
View of the castle’s event area

This is another castle-shaped restaurant in Ndroqi area. It has a traditional interior design and the area surrounding the restaurant reminds you of an amphitheater. This restaurant is known for poultry dishes, to the making of appetizers. In the castle, are produced cheese, raki, olive oil that are served at the restaurant, but other imported products from the surrounding area as well.

Nano Resort, Bio Food, Daias

Agrotourism Albania
Bio Food served at Nano Resort

Nano Resort is far from noise and urban pollution. In Daias, Petrela, the bioproducts and silence prevail. The resort covers a wide area, where it includes a restaurant, hotel, farm, and vineyards. At the resort are produced and served bioproducts, such as salami, turkey, pie, cheese, jam, rose juice, pomegranate juice, etc.

Park Ashik, National Road Tirana-Ndroq-Plepa

Agrotourism Albania
Credit: Ashik Park

Park Ashik, is an agrotourism built in a very wide area, with plenty of trees. The resort includes the restaurant, the pool, the event room, and ten accommodation facilities. The park produces all kinds of olive oil, raki, jam, cheese, butter, and the most typical dishes are the duck with potato, pheasant, etc.

Rozmarine, Pellumbas

Agrotourism Albania
Photo Credit: TIFF



This complex is located in Pellumbas village and has an amazing view. A mixture of modern and traditional styles, with 14 accommodating rooms, and a restaurant with typical Albanian dishes: bird with pilaf, thin pancakes, etc. Rozmarine produces and sells products, such as olive oil, wine, raki, honey, jam, cheese, butter, which are packaged and labeled from the complex itself.

Shkom Bleta, Zall Herr

Agrotourism Albania
A mixture of appetizers by Shkom Bleta chef

This agro-tourism is located near the main road, at the place called Shkom Bleta, where the restaurant takes its name from. Their cooking is traditional, mainly meat-based, like tave kosi (or tave dheu), cow meat, etc. Besides the restaurant, the complex includes also a farm for raising animals, like poultry, cows, lambs, and vineyards for the production of raki and wine.

Teater Park Kame, Ibe e Poshtme, Berzhita

Agrotourism Albania
A mix of delicious food at Kame Teater Resort

Teater Park Kame is positioned at the bank of Erzeni River. This agro-tourism offers a beautiful mixture of antique style with the modern pool and accommodating facilities. The amphitheater, which is the special feature of this complex, is located at the central part. The cooking is mainly traditional, such as lamb on BBQ or in the oven, etc. Their products are either from the nearby area or processed by the staff of the restaurant.

Vila 26, Vishnje, Vaqarr

Agrotourism Albania
Credit Vila 26

Vila 26 is located in a surrounding area with greenery and trees. With relaxing facilities and playground for children, and accommodation in the form of an inn inside a two-story building made of wood. This agro-tourism serves traditional cooking, like peppers with cottage cheese, noodles, pie, and products that are collected from the area, like meat, dairy products, and wine.

Vila Leonard, Dobresh, Berzhite

Agrotourism in Albania
Roasted lamb, credit: Vila Leonard

Vila Leonard is located on a picturesque hill in the village of Dobresh. You could either choose to relax by a pool outdoors surrounded by the green nature or at the restaurant where traditional dishes, such as appetizers with bioproducts are being served. Its whereabouts are particular because it is combined nature, gardens with all kinds of fruits, and beautiful accommodating facilities. The renting of bicycles and cars available for the customers is another feature of this complex.

La Fatoria Agro Farm, Farke e Vogel

Agrotourism Albania
Credit: La Fattoria

The restaurant is located in Farke e Vogel, by the river Farke with an amazing view. It is the perfect place far from the noise, to spend relaxing moments and in silence, surrounded by greenery and clean air. At La Fattoria you could enjoy a variety of dishes, also you could stop by the farm of poultry and animals.

Agritourism Huqi, Manez

Agrotourism Albania
Finger-food and appetizers at Huqi Resort

This agro-tourism is located in the village of Manez. While being there, you could enjoy sailing with the boat or nature, have BBQ, eat bio-products, do camping, games, and recreation.

Uka Farm, Laknas

Agrotourism Albania
Uka Farm is known for its wine

Uka Farm has an area of two hectares, where it includes the restaurant, canteen, and vineyards. The restaurant is located near the center of the farm and offers a unique possibility to enjoy the local products.

Bujtina e Diellit (The Sun Inn), Baldushk

Agrotourism Albania
All in one dish at Bujtina e Diellit

Bujtina e Diellit restaurant offers dishes with fresh products from the village of Baldushk, enjoying a relaxing and panoramic view.

Bianca Resort, Priske e Madhe, Dajt

Agrotourism Albania
Meat mix at Bianca Restaurant

This restaurant is in the village of Priske e Madhe, surrounded by greenery and a space dedicated to the entertainment of children. Bianca resort offers traditional cooking, mainly poultry-based, which is raised on a specific farm. The bio-products of the zone, are an important part of their cuisine. It is the place where the classic and traditional meet.

Bizanti, Petrela (Durishti Road)

Agrotourism Albania
View of Bizanti restaurant, Credit: Hektor Pustina

This restaurant is built across the street that takes you to Mamica Square, with a selected menu dedicated to the products that come from the village of Petrela. The environment is appropriate for adults and children too.

Bujtina e Kuqe (The Red Inn), Peze e Vogel

Agrotourism in Albania
Frog legs, sausage, and meat appetizers at Bujtina e Kuqe

Bujtina e Kuqe restaurant is across from the main road, in a warm family atmosphere. The special thing about it is the variety of products, 25 selections, created in small plates based on traditional cooking, starting with the pie, pickles, etc. Their specialty is the sausages, which are accompanied by a particular sauce.

Bujtina Mera, Petrela

Agrotourism in Albania
Fresh cheese and bread at Bujtina Mera

A warm and quiet agro-tourism, surrounded by nature and with an amazing view, this restaurant and inn at the same time, is the perfect place to share quality time with friends and loved ones. This restaurant too serves fresh products that come from the village of Petrela. The restaurant and inn bring the culture of the capital city, Tirana, and Dibra county.

Gurra e Perrise, Dajti Mountain

Agrotourism in Albania
Fresh fish from Gurra e Perise

Gurra e Perrise restaurant is located on Dajti mountain, with a relaxing view of a water resource. Outside the restaurant, it has three reservoirs with fish and a playground for children. The cooking is traditional and the products are from the area.

Il Paese, Peza Park

Agrotourism Albania
Il Paese is known also for nice music shows, rock, and jazz

This agro-tourism is built in the center of the Peza Park. On the inside, the premise is a mixture of traditional and modern styles, whereas outdoors there is considerable nature. The dishes are traditional, but you could find as well specialties, such as: ‘Sahani i Beut’.

Iluminatum, Petrela

Agrotourism Albania
View of the castle-shaped restaurant

The restaurant is near the Bridge of the Fisherman (in Albanian: Ura e Peshkatarit), in a green space. Situated on the bank of the Erzeni River, it offers a variety of activities to vacationers, especially during the summer months. This agro-tourism uses products such as vegetables and poultry from the area.

Marchesi Gourmet, Mullet Daias

Agrotourism in Albania
Photo credit: Marchesi

Marchesi Gourmet restaurant is only 14 km far from Tirana, on the hill that offers a panoramic view of the river Erzen, with a very favorable micro-clime for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. The main saloon and the one where the events are held are designed in such a way to be illuminated from the sun until sunset. Surrounded by greenness and the silence that nature offers, this area is known for the production of wines, and high-quality olive oil.

Parku i Lisave, Vishaj

Agrotourism in Albania
Credit: Parku i Lisave

Parku i Lisajve is a three-story building placed in the middle of greenness and trees. The restaurant is perfect for families, who want to dine by the chimney. The products served at the restaurant are from the area. Their typical dish is called the kid goat dish.

Pjateli, Berzhite

Agrotourism in Albania
Photo credit: Pjateli

Pjateli restaurant is in the village of Berzhite, surrounded by nature and greenery. The skeet shooting field is in this village too, 13 km far from Tirana, on the road to Elbasan. The field is divided into two polygons, the first one for the disciplines of Skeet, Universal Trap whereas on the second the disciplines of Olympic Trap, Double Trap, and Universal Trap.
A machine with many directions is installed for the training of shooters.

Sallaku, Berzhite

Agrotourism in Albania
Photo credit: Sallaku

Sallaku restaurant is across the main road, and here too all the dishes are traditional. The typical dish of this agro-tourism is the pork chops in BBQ.

Shkalla e Tujanit, Arberi Road

Credit: Shkalla e Tujanit

Shkalla e Tujanit restaurant is along the Arberi Road, 10 km away from the center of Tirana. The panoramic view and the clean air, make this agro-tourism the perfect place to dine outside. The restaurant is built between the mountains and the beautiful canyon of the Tirana River. The architecture is alpine, adjusting to the climate of the area. The cooking is traditional, meat-based and products are local.

Shpella e pellumbave (Doves’ cave), Pellumbas

This restaurant is in the village of Pellumbas and offers traditional dishes, where the most important are: chicken with pilaf, peppers with cottage cheese, porridge, etc. The specialty of the restaurant is the two kinds of wine that the owners produce themselves, where one of them is produced with oak wood.

Vila Romana, Baldushk


Agrotourism in Albania
Photo Credit: Vila Romana

Vila Romana is a restaurant constructed by the main road, in Baldushk village. On the outside, you could enjoy a relaxing view of nature, or see 5 monuments with a size of one meter. These monuments belong to the III-IV century AD and were used as a cover for the Roman graves. The dishes at this restaurant are traditional, such as steaks, chicken, etc.

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Main photo credit: Bujtina Mera

Source: Tirana Municipality

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