Retire to Albania: Bill Defines Terms for Retiree Residence Permits

Retire to Albania: Bill Defines Terms for Retiree Residence Permits

TIRANA, February 15

For those considering retiring to Albania, a draft law ‘On Aliens” defines all the requirements for getting a retiree residence permit. The draft law that’s currently discussed by the parliamentary committees includes a specific article on residence permits for retirees.
Article-No. 85 stipulates that all foreign citizens who are entitled to a pension in their home countries are eligible to apply for a retiree residence permit at the Albanian authority responsible for the border and migration.
The responsible authority provides the international applicant with a residence permit for retirees of one year validity for the first time if the citizen meets the following criteria:
The applicant must provide proof of annual pension income at a minimum of Lek 1.2 million. This can be proved through documents issued in the country of origin. The documents must be legalized by a public notary.
The applicant must prove that she/he has enough income to support themselves or the people they’re responsible for during their stay in Albania.
The applicant proves the existence of a visit bank account in a second-tier bank in Albania. The account will be used for regular pension payment transfers while the document can be provided by the bank.
The applicant must provide proof of accommodation in Albania.
The applicant must have health insurance for at least one year.
The applicant has proof of clean criminal records issued from the country of origin.

Further on, point No. 3 of article 85 defines that the residence permit can be renovated each year if the applicant complies with the above-mentioned requirements.

Moreover, the bill points out that the holder of a retiree residence permit is eligible for family reunification with a spouse or partner that receives no pension.

However, this residence permit does not provide its holder the right to economic or professional activities in Albania.

The bill is expected to be voted by the Parliament.

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