How to Get Albanian Residence Permit through Real Estate Purchase

How to Get Albanian Residence Permit through Real Estate Purchase

TIRANA, February 19

Numerous international citizens ask if it’s true that they can obtain an Albanian residence permit through real property purchase.
The answer is yes.
First, Albania provides international citizens the right to invest in real estate of any value, with some exceptions on land acquisition. (Read at the end of the page what the law says on the sale of sites to foreign citizens)
Secondly, when international citizens have the property registered in their name at the register of immovable properties, they are granted the right by the Law on Foreigners to apply for a residence permit.

Before getting into the process foreign citizens need to know if a visa is required for entering Albania (please notice that Albania applies a free visa regime with specific countries during the official summer season).
The second important thing that they need to know is how long they can reside in the country.
This depends on the citizen’s nationality.

For example, citizens from the US can stay up to one year in Albania without a residence permit. Article no.147 from the Law on Foreigners defines the following provisions:
1. The citizens of the United States of America shall be subject to a more favorable regime, based on which they shall reside in the Republic of Albania for at least one year, without being provided with a residence permit and the initial residence permit for this category may be issued for five years.

Moreover, citizens from a specific list of countries can reside in Albania for 90 days within 180- days.

If any citizens are willing to stay in Albania for a longer period than the above-mentioned they need to apply for a residence permit.

Property owners like any other category of citizens that apply for a residence permit must know about a specific time provision, which defines that the application for the residence permit is submitted within 30 days from the last legal entry in Albania. If the applicants don’t meet the condition, they can travel to a nearby country and reenter Albania.
Find out more about the online application process for a first-time residence permit or renewal.

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Law on Sale of Sites

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