Raki Festival, on its Second Edition Gathered Visitors to Boboshtica

Raki Festival, on its Second Edition Gathered Visitors to Boboshtica

TIRANA, August 16

Boboshtica, the village that promoted tourism in Korca, through the traditional recipes, is known also for the production of the alcoholic drink, mulberry raki. Now, that the fruit of mulberry is ripe, the local inhabitants have started to collect it, to then produce the famous raki, known for its quality and curative effects. The mulberry raki continues to be produced home-made, preserving the unique values of this beloved product of the area.

The old tradition for the production of this alcoholic drink is passed from generation after generation in the families of Boboshtica, during the process are engaged not only men but the women of the households, too. Yesterday, on 15 August the local inhabitants of the village and visitors from other areas of Albania, celebrated and enjoyed for the second year in a row, the Raki Festival, where they tasted the alcoholic drink, and other local food products.

The Mayor of City Hall of Korca, Sotiraq Filo said that through this festival is being promoted one of the products of this village, and the construction of the Raki Museum will be another attractionin in the future for tourists, who include Korca in their tours. Boboshtica, which is part of the program ‘100 Villages’ is known for the beautiful nature, fresh air, clear waters, diverse bushes, century-old fruit trees, oak and coniferous trees, and many medicinal plants.


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