Local Festivals You Should Attend in Albania in 2019

Local Festivals You Should Attend in Albania in 2019

TIRANA, May 31

Local festivals Albania
Local festivals 2019 Albania

The best way to explore Albania like a local is by joining community festivals across the country. From celebrating crafts, art, to food and nature, local festivals are a source of fun for people of all ages. Have a look at the list of the upcoming local events for 2019 and find out what you can include in your plans while in Albania. (see below for the Albanian version)


Tirana albania
National History Museum, Tirana

Fergesa Festival, 29 July at Tirana Castle, 15:00 – 23:00 hours

Category: Food
The capital celebrates its traditional cuisine, especially fergese, vegetarian with peppers and the non-vegetarian version with liver.


Vera n’Shesh 7-8 September, Shesh Village

Category: Wine and food
Wine in Shesh is a new festival dedicated to wine and wine lovers that takes place Shesh Village, Ndroq area. The cultivation of vineyards is now a tradition in the area and the festival aims to bring together winemakers, the local community and all those who love wine.
The event will take place in an environment surrounded by greenery and vineyards, where a mini-fair of local products, handicrafts, and food will be held. This fair will include all agro-food products and all grape by-products. The aim of the event is to make it an annual tradition that will help to promote the products and the entire area as a tourist destination.

Tomato Festival, 22 September, Shengjergj Village

Category: Food and culture
The tomato festival brings people to Shengjergji village, a short drive from Tirana through Priska pass. The event celebrates local culture, outdoor retreats, and fresh produce. The program will include a food and crafts fair, folk music and dances, and a day at the farm.

Peza n’ Fest, September

Category: Music and nature
Peza n’Fest is an annual event organized in remembrance of the historic conference held in Peza Village. The festival includes events for all ages.

The Olive Festival, 3 November

Oilive oil Albania
Olive oil

Category: Food and tourism
The festival that celebrates one of the most important Made in Albania products, olive fruit, and olive oil will offer a tour to the centennial olive trees in Brar area.
There are about 12 million olive trees in Albania. More than ten percent of those trees are aged 1,000-3,000 years old. Experts have noticed a link between old Illyrian castles and millennium-old olive trees. There are 53 villages in Albania located near or around ancient castles. In Tirana, you can find those trees near the castles of Tujan, Preza, Ndroqi, Petrela, Persqopi, Tufina, Brar. Linza and Lanabregas. These destinations have the potential for the creation of tours that mix history and agrotourism.


Kruja Bazaar albania
Kruja Bazaar


Kruja Mountain Festival, 3 August

Category: spiritual and crafts
The festival celebrates the day of Sari Salltik tekke that seats at the top of Kruja Mountain. Pilgrims of different religions come from all over Albania and visit the tekke and the cave where they believe that miracles happen. The mountain peak can be reached by car or on foot. An amazing view over the Adriatic Sea awaits at the top. It takes about three hours to walk from Kruja city to the mountain. This is a great place for enjoying the view and meditation.

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Aerial view over Durres Beach

The Ice Cream Festival, 11-13 July

Category: Sin
Who would miss a festival dedicated to ice cream, which is a typical Durresi product?

Grape Harvest Festival, 14 September

Category: Wine and food
Local producers commemorate wines with joy, fairs, food and outdoor events in Topana water reservoir.


Korca Bazaar
Korca Bazaar

The Carnival of Korca, 8 June

Category: Culture and tourism
The city of Korca, a key destination for cultural tourism enthusiasts will launch the new tourist’s season on June with the traditional city carnival.


Voskopoja Festival, 24 June

Category: Tourism and culture
Voskopoja Village, known for its old churches, healing climate, and cultural heritage will host the annual festival that promotes the area to Albanian and international visitors. The area still preserves its traditions, wool processing, and woodwork skills. Local cuisine is a special attraction to visitors and tourists. All these will be showcased in a crafts and food fair.

Vithkuqi Festival, 29 June

Category: Tourism and culture
Vithkuqi village is known for well-kept traditions. Discover unique old songs and dances like Dado’s dance and culinary delicacies. The village has many churches where it is possible to finds icons and paintings by Zografi and Shpataraku. Other monuments of interest include old bridges and drinking fountains. Rumor has it that gold is hidden somewhere in the ruins and walls of these ancient buildings, especially at Zoto bridge.

Pie (Lakrori) Festival, 3 August in Korca

Local pie made with either spinach or cottage cheese called ‘Lakror’

Category: Food and fun
The Pie Festival celebrates the delicious lakror, a typical dish in southeast Albania.

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The Beer Festival, 14-18 August in Korca

Category: Beer and Food
Beer-lovers can enjoy live concerts with popular Albanian and regional singers and bands. The event is also an exhibition of Albanian and foreign beer brands and products of meat, snacks, etc.

Grappa Festival, 15 August in Boboshtica Village

Category: Spirits and food
Boboshtica has two important elements that make it different from the other villages of the region. The language that older people speak and the centennial mulberry trees. The latter is used for making the famous mulberry grappa.

Dardha Festival, 16 August, Dardha Village

Category: Nature and tourism
Dardha is known for its traditions, traditional clothing and woodwork, bio food like pickles, salt-cured meat or pasterma, the traditional pie lakror ne sac, and plums grape. All these will be part of the food and crafts fair. Don’t miss the chance to explore the water spring with the non-inviting name The Pungent Water (Uji i Qelbur) that is believed to have healing properties for anemia, stomach, liver, kidney and many other health issues.

The Apple Festival, 5 October

Korca Albania
Apple festival

Category: Agriculture and food
The region of Korca is one of the biggest apple producers in Albania and the village of Dvoran is the home of the annual Apple Festival. This festive event, which aims at promoting local production and attracting more tourists, gathers apple farmers from the entire region of Korca. The festival starts with a symbolic apple picking event in one of the village orchards and continues with the apple fair and a festive concert.


Pogradec Albania
Ohrid Lake

The Lake Festival, 21 June

Category: Nature and tourism
The city of Pogradec observes the day of Ohrid Lake with a traditional fair of food and crafts and music events.

Teto Ollga Festival in Tushemisht, 21-22 July

Category: Tourism and food

The festival celebrates the fictional character of Ollga, from a successful movie from the Communist era. The festive events start with participants cutting off watermelons. The festival includes a food competition, a traditional fair, and open sky movie screening.

Korani Festival, 13-15 August

Category: Food and education
Koran fish, also known as the Ohrid Trout is endemic to the lake and its water tributaries.
The festival promotes the delicious local koran dishes but also aims to raise awareness on the protection of this rare fish species. Illegal fishing and overfishing are reducing the Koran population in Ohrid Lake.
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St, Trinity Festival, 17 June

Category: Spiritual, tourism

The Saint Trinity festival is a traditional event in Zvirina village. It is organized 40 days after Easter and festivities consist of traditional food and crafts fairs as well as folk music and dance shows.

The Harvest Festival, 21 August in Libonik Village

Category: Food and Agrotourism
The inhabitants of Libonik village organize the annual celebrations around the time of the main harvest. The farmers make loaves of bread from the fresh wheat crop.

The Sweets Festival, 27 September

Category: Food and Agrotourism

Farmers and beekeepers from all the local units of Maliq promote their products through sweets and desserts. They aim to attract more tourist and visitors to the area.


Gjirokastra Albania
Gjirokastra night view

Lunxheria Festival, 15 August

Category: Tourism and culture

The festival celebrates the cultural heritage of Lunxheri area through a wide range of events including music, crafts, food, traditional clothing.

Qifqi Festival, 25-28 August

Category: Food and heritage

Take your time to join the festival dedicated to a dish that many claims to know how to do, but only a few succeed. Qifqi is a delicacy that requires a traditional skillet that looks like a pancake pan. The main ingredients are rice, eggs, mint, and olive oil.


Permet Albania
Permet town

The Wine Festival, 2-15 June

Category: Wine and tourism

Winemakers from the area gather and promote their wines along with many other traditional products.

Permeti Festival, 15 August

Category: Tourism and entertainment

The festival is organized on mid-August at the time when most of the people living abroad return to their hometown.

The Bektashi Festival, 5 September

Category: Spiritual, culture

The festival takes place at Ali Postivani Tekke in Permet. Pilgrims and followers of the Bektashi sect gather and celebrate and share messages of peace and humanity.


Pan Festival in Nivica, 6-7 June

Nivica Albania
Pan Festival Nivica 2018

Category: Nature and tourism

The Pan Festival celebrates the cult of Pan, the protector of shepherds and animals. Goat and sheep rearing have long been the only source of income for the few inhabitants that still live in the area. Nivica, where you can find ancient trails, now walked by goats, and old rituals are kept alive has major tourism potential.


Vlora Albania
Vlora Albania

The Olive Festival, 28-29 July

Category: Food and tourism

The Eel Festival, 5-8 August in Narta Lagoon

Category: Food and tourism

Narta Lagoon is known for eel farming. The festival celebrates eels as a delicacy as well as a source of revenue generation for the inhabitants of the area.

St. Mary Days at Zvernec Monastery, 14-15 August

Zvernec Albania
Zvernec lagoon

Category: Spiritual, Tourism

Generations Festival, 15 August in Kanina Castle

Category: Tourism, cultural heritage


Himara Albania

Kala Festival, 12-19 June

Category: Music, entertainment

The second edition of Kala Festival will gather DJs and partygoers at the Albanian Riviera

Honey Festival, 7-8 July in Dhermi

Category: Food and Agrotourism

Mjalt’Fest is one of the local festivals that will be organized during the summer season in Albanian villages with major potential for tourism as a sustainable development strategy. Bio honey producers from Himara region showcased their products to Albanian and international tourists currently in the area. Several activities took place including the certification of honey varietals from the area.


Crafts fair and festival, August 16-18

Category: crafts and tourism

Artisans from all over the country and Albanian lands attend the annual fair of crafts in Saranda every summer.


Konispol Albania

Manderina Festival, November

Category: Food and agrotourism

Mandarina Fest is a local celebration held every year during the harvest season. The last edition offered a combination of farm activities, music festival, folk dances and songs, workshops with the local farmers, culinary and crafts fair, and cultural heritage activities. Citrus farming in Konispol is considered one of the most successful agricultural models in Albania.


Lake Day, 15 June


Category: Lake Tourism

Za festival in Theth, 2-4 August

Category: Tourism and culture

Folktales, music, hiking, local food culture, poetry, movie screenings, and yoga, are the highlights of the event that aims at enlivening the cultural and natural heritage of Thethi.

Bicycle Day, 20 September

Category: Tourism and culture

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Malesi e Madhe

Logu i Bjeshkeve, 10 August

Logu i Bjeshkeve
Logu i Bjeshkeve

Category: Culture and tourism

Farmers and artisans from the entire region attend the events and bring their local products. Besides the fact that people have a chance to gather in festive events, the festivals help local producers to showcase their organic food and crafts and get in contact with wholesale distributors.

Alps Day Festival, 15-20 September in Lepusha

Category: nature and outdoor

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Rec Festival, October

Rec Albania
Reci festival

Category: Food and Agrotourism

Reci village has major potential for agro-tourism development. The day of agro-tourism is celebrated annually in the village during autumn time. Over 30,000 chestnut trees cover an area of 450 hectares and many of the trees are over 300-years-old. Rec is a year-round destination, but if you want to try the sweet fruits, September to October is the right time to visit.


Puka Beer Festival, 10-11 August

Category: Food and tourism


Boza Festival, 26-28 August in Shishtavec

Category: Food and Agrotourism


Tropoja Albania

Cured Meat (Pasterma) Festival, 4 June in Lekbibaj

Category: food and Agrotourism


The Mountains Festival, 20 July in Bujan

Category: Tourism and culture

The Chestnut Day Festival, 18 October in Bajram Curri

Category: Food and Agrotourism

Tropoja is home to the largest area covered with native chestnuts trees in Albania and in the Balkans. Most of the chestnuts are exported unprocessed. An average of 6,000 tons of chestnuts is exported annually mostly to Italy. The value of chestnut exports is estimated at Euro 8 million per year.


World Heritage Site inscription Day, 8 July

Berat Albania
Berat City

Category: Cultural heritage and tourism

Roshniku Festival, 14-16 September
Category and Agrotourism


Grappa Festival, Skrapari n’Gote, 21 September

Category: Food and outdoor

Mountain climbing Festival, 15 August, at Pirogashi Cave

Category: Outdoor adventure

Walnuts festival, 10 October

Category: Food, Agrotourism


Lezha Albania

Unum Festival, 31 May – 3 June, at Rana e Hedhun Beach

Category: Music


Mirdita Turistike, 5 July

Category: Culture, tourism


Cherry Festival, 1 June in Peshkopi

Category: Food and outdoor adventure

Drini Festival, 1 July

Category: outdoor adventure

The Harvest Festival, 6 October

Category: Food and Agrotourism


Mackull Festival, 14 October

Category: Outdoor adventure


Harvest Festival ‘Moj Myzeqe’, 8 June

Category: Food and Agrotourism

Libofsha Festival, 2 November

Category: Tourism and food

Turkey Festival, 7 December in Cakran

Category: Food and agrotourism


Divjaka Karavasta National park
Divjaka Karavasta National park

Watermelon Festival, 25-26 July, Divjaka-Karavasta National Park

Category: Food and agrotourism

Eel Festival, 29 November in Karavasta Lagoon

Category: Food and culture


Patosi n’ Fest, 23 June

Category: History

Patosi Festival celebrates the day when the city was established as an important center for the crude oil industry.


The Olive Festival, 25 October

Category: Food and culture
The festival will take place at the premises of the seven-century-old church of St. Kolli in Kurjan.


Belsh Lake

The Nymph of the Lakes, 19-20 June

Category: Outdoor and Agrotourism
Belsh Municipality is home to 84 lakes and the festival promotes the area as a destination for water and Agrotourism.



Grape Feast in Shijak

28-29 September
Category: Tourism
A traditional production of the villages of Shijak. The feast predicts a visit to the area’s wineries and houses of production of wine and raki.


Feast of Honey

21 September
Category: Culture
The feast of honey is an annual tradition, where the goal is the revival of the touristic life. This feast summarizes a series of activities like the traditional-cultural fair, cultural activities, promotion of mountain tourism, traditional food. Thus promoting the natural beauties, agro-touristic products, handicrafts, and entertainment for the partakers.

Feast of Patato

2 October
Category: Tourism
The ‘Feast of Potato’ is an important activity that takes place for the local community, but not only. It is accompanied by a fair, promoting one of the most known agricultural products of the area, the potato of Stebleva. In this feast are shown different dishes made of potato.

Feast of Cermenika

15 August
Category- Tourism
The area of Cermenika, invites you to enjoy the hospitality of the local residents, and the tourist attractions of the area, with cultural and artistic activities and folkloric songs of the area.

Feast of Berzeshte

24 August
Category- Tourism
In the city of Librazhd, is celebrated the feast of ‘Rrapi i Berzeshtes’. Rrapi is a cultural monument almost 560 old. This feast is a tradition of the village, where all of the inhabitants gather and celebrate around it.


Elbasan Albania

Feast of Emigrant in Elbasan

26 August
Category- Tourism, and food
A feast that has become a tradition with the passing of the years and is enriched more and more. Besides the traditional dances and songs, during this feast are put into spotlight the traditional costumes, that are known for the particular knitting. The traditional food of the area is going to be displayed and served too.


Coffee of Skroska (Kafja e Skroskes) in Prrenjas

15 August
Category- Culture
Every summer, the village organizes a feast that gathers 11 tribes, as have been in the past. The local residents gather to keep strong their connections and family traditions with those in the area. The feast has taken its name of the most ancient tradition of this area, that of welcoming of the ‘friend’ with a coffee.

Feast of Sotira Waterfall (Festa e Ujvares se Sotires)
7 April- 10 June
Category- Culture and food
Feast of Sotira Waterfall is one of the gems of the Albanian nature, classified years ago as a natural monument. During the feast the participants have the possibility to enjoy the picturesque view of the waterfall, and the traditional cooking of the area.

Feast of Black Lake  in Gramsh

1-31 August
Category- Tourism
The Feast of the Black Lake is attended from thousands of people from all of the Albanian cities, during the whole month of August and to get cured in this environment.


Feast of oregano (Festa e rigonit) in Cerrik
14 August
Category- Tourism and Cuisine
The village Xherie is the biggest producer of oregano in the City Hall of Cerrik, and beyond. This feast has become a tradition that gathers the cultivators of oregano and residents of the area.


Other Events

Shkodra Jazz Festival in Shkodra

19 August- 1 September
Category- Culture
This festival is dedicated to the Albanian violinist Rrok Jakaj. Since 2005, the festival has brought famous musicians from Western Europe, U.S.A., etc. and local talents during the two weeks of the festival. Whereas the majority of the concerts are held in ‘Migjeni’ theater of Shkoder, the festival has taken the public’s attention through the shows on the streets and main bars of the city.

Anifest, A-Film Fest Rozafa in Shkodra

Rozafa Castle Albania
Rozafa castle

September 2019
Category- Culture
The International Festival of Children and Youngsters ‘A-Fest Film Rozafa’ in collaboration with not-for-profit organizations ‘Udruga Luza’ from Dubrovnik, Croatia and ‘Il nuovo Fantarca’ from Bari, Italy will be held in Shkodra, in the framework of the programme ‘Be young’ in a marathon format in Albania, Croatia and Italy.

The Folkloric Festival ‘Multi-Cultural Permet 2019  in Permet

21-23 June
Category- Culture
On its 7th edition it is the only activity that is dedicated to the minorities that live in Albania, promoting the values of their folklore.

Tunnel Film- Tourism Movie in 12 different villages (Gjinar, Peze, Lakmas, Preze, Lin, Boboshtice, Tushemisht, Dardhe)

April- July 2019
Category- Culture
This project promotes cultural tourism through cinematography bringing for the public the Albanian and foreign movies in 12 villages that have touristic potential. In the format of a tour with a moving screen, this project is predicted to produce a documentary too, and a catalog about the realization of the activities.
Lin: 09.07.2019
Boboshtica: 10.07.2019
Tushemisht: 11.07.2019
Dardha: 12.07.2019

Calendar in the Albanian Language

Source/Photo Credit: Ministry of Tourism and Environment 

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