Nivica Hosts Sofat Sustainable Festival Event

Nivica Hosts Sofat Sustainable Festival Event

TIRANA, August 13

Sofat festival will return this weekend in the Gjirokastra region. The event dedicated to the promotion of sustainable tourism and the local economy in rural localities will take place on 14-15 August, in the Nivica area. This edition of the Sofat event organized by Visit Gjirokastra with the support of Risi Albania will offer participants the opportunity to join several outdoor and leisure activities.

The program includes various hiking tours, canyon exploration, music, food, and fairs.
Walking tours take to some of the most interesting natural and historic locations in the area. Special attention will be dedicated to remembrance sites such as the notorious camp of Teplena.
Other destinations to be explored along the hike torus are Nivica Canyon, Peshtura waterfall, Benca Aqueduct, Tepelena castle, etc.

In the meantime, birding enthusiasts can join the Birdwatching tour in Nivica on August 14th. The tour will focus on the identification of the rare Egyptian Vulture, a highly endangered raptor. Other bird species that can be expected to encounter in this tour are the common kestrel, golden eagle, snake eagle, golden oriole, alpine swift, barn swallow, common buzzard, raven, hooded crow, lesser kestrel, white stork, black stork, etc.

Meanwhile, sweets lovers should not miss the ‘Spoon Sweet’ gastronomy event.
Moreover, the Polyphonic group of Tepelena and renowned Albanian singer Elina Duni together with Rob Luft and Picola Banda Icona will perform in the evening.

For more information about tours and transportation from Gjirokastra to Nivica contact Visit Gjirokastra.

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Source/Photo Credit: Visit Gjirokastra

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