New Lek 500 and Lek 2,000 Notes to Enter Circulation in January

New Lek 500 and Lek 2,000 Notes to Enter Circulation in January

TIRANA, December 23

The enhanced Lek 500 and Lek 2,000 banknotes will go into circulation on January 17th, Governor of the Bank of Albania (BoA) Gent Sejko said on Wednesday. The notes are the last two of the recent series of new and improved Lek banknotes that BoA has issued over a three-year period.

Lek 500
New Lek500 banknote, frontal view

This series includes the first Lek note printed on a polymer instead of paper. It is the Lek 200. BoA explains that the polymer material is more stable, safer, and cleaner compared to paper notes as it harbors fewer germs compared to cotton.

New Lek200 banknote, frontal view

The Lek 200 and Lek 5,000 entered circulation in September 2019. Afterward, the new Lek 10,000 and the improved Lek 1,000 notes entered circulation on 30 June 2021.
The last two notes will complete the gradual introduction of the six denominations into circulation. Governor Sejko said that they were designed and manufactured using the latest technology and innovation. Banknote series are improved in order to enhance safety features and to make life difficult for counterfeiters.

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BoA to End Confusion Over New and Old Lek

Source/Photo Credit: BoA

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