KESH Invites Bids for 5.11MWp for Solar Plant

KESH Invites Bids for 5.11MWp for Solar Plant

TIRANA, January 20

The Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) has invited bids for the construction and installation of a 5.11MWp solar power plant over the Qyrsaqi dam at Vau i Dejes Hydropower plant (HPP) at a limit fund of Lek 470 million, VAT not included.
According to the bid published by the Public Procurement Agency under reference number
REF-84222-01-18-2021, bids can be submitted electronically at the APP website by February 19th, 10:00 hours.
The dam’s surface area is estimated at 32,937 square meters.

Vau i Dejes dam
Construction area at the existing dam for the solar power plant, Credit: bid documents

Vau i Dejes HPP is located in northwestern Albania, at a close distance from the city of Shkodra. It is the lowest and at the same time the first HPP to start operations on the Drini River cascade in 1970. The HPP dam is 79 meters high while the lake reservoir has a volume of 580 million cubic meters of water. Vau i Dejes HPP has an installed capacity of 250MW.
More details on the bid are available at the tender announcement. The documents are available only in the Albanian language.

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Source: APP
Photo Credit: KESH

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