KESH Appoints ADFs’ Benet Beci as New Chairman

KESH Appoints ADFs’ Benet Beci as New Chairman

TIRANA, January 28

Former Executive Director of the Albanian Development Fund (ADF) for 13 years Benet Beci has accepted Prime Minister Rama’s proposal to run the Albanian Power Corporation (KESH). Beci, as the new chair, replaced Agron Hetoja. This change was unexpected given the fact that Beci had successfully led the ADF for more than 13 years, transforming it into a key pillar of development projects in Albania.
“I was happy to accept the proposal to run a strategic institution such as the Albanian Power Corporation. I consider this as a manifestation of confidence, as well as an excellent opportunity to put my long-time experience as a manager at the service of another strategic sector, such as KESH,” Beci was quoted by local media as saying on Monday when the news spread.

Since 2005, Benet Beci has been the Executive Director of the Albanian Development Fund, established in 1993 with funds from foreign donors with the mission to alleviate poverty in rural areas in Albania. When Beci took over the position of ADF Chief Executive Officer the portfolio was about Euro 116 million. In the last 13 years, the portfolio grew to Euro480 million, or else by 8 times. Since 13 years ADF grew into the largest development institutions in the country and worked by the best practices and standards in terms of quality of project implementation. Besides the Albanian Government, the ADF implements projects on behalf of donors such as the World Bank (WB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Council of Europe Bank, etc.

About 20 large-scale projects and 2,100 subprojects in terms of infrastructure development, tourism, and culture have been successfully implemented over these 13 years. Some of the most important projects implemented by ADF in the last years include Lungomare in Vlora and the National Museum of Photography “Marubi” in Shkodra; around 1,200 kilometers of roads that connect the country’s most remote areas with urban centers.

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One example is the mountainous area of Kelmendi which thanks to investments in road infrastructure and urban requalification are easier to access. Tamara, Lepusha, and Vermosh have grown to favorite tourism destinations.

Also, programs for water power schemes in remote areas of the country have been successfully implemented by ADF. At least 65 new water supply schemes are now operational in remote areas north to south.

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For many years, segmented investments have been the main obstacle to sustainable development in the country. ADF has implemented an approach for integration and harmonization of projects with a view to maximizing impact at a regional and wider level.
Today, the Albanian Alps region has a detailed development plan for the next 15 years, which, if properly implemented, guarantees the sustainable development of this region and its return to an asset of the Balkan region.

Who is Benet Beci?

Benet Beci graduated in 1987 from Tirana University, Faculty of Economy. In 2003 completed studies in business administration and is the author of a thesis on the banking system, while finished Ph.D. studies in 2015 on regional development. He has conducted a number of other specializations in Albania and abroad, mainly focused on the banking and microfinance systems, financial analysis of risk management, as well as on public-private partnerships and innovation in governance. During his career, Benet Beci was entrusted with important tasks especially in the banking system, where he had several positions, of which the most prominent was a member of the Bank of Albania Supervisory Council. Beci also has extensive experience in financial management in Rural Financing Institutions.
However, the most important position was that of the director of the Albanian Development Fund, a public institution that implements development projects at the local and national level. Beci has successfully run this post from 2005 to date.

Photo Credit: ADF

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