New Road Connects Albania and Kosovo in Borje

New Road Connects Albania and Kosovo in Borje

TIRANA, September 18

A newly constructed road that connects the villages of Borje in Kuksi and Gllabocica in Kosovo will help to improve connectivity for the people living in the remote area, the Albanian Development Fund (ADF) confirmed.
The road also will help to improve the quality of life and revitalize the rural economy in Borje village, located 32 km away from Kuksi. The Albanian and Kosovan governments invested in road infrastructure in order to provide better connectivity to the cross-border areas through Borje-Jazhnica cross-border point. According to ADF, the inhabitants living on both sides of the border use the pedestrian crossing point.
The road in the Albanian side is 2.5 km long and it was funded by the government through ADF in the frame of the rehabilitation of priority regional roads. In the meantime, the road on the Kosovan side is 1.4 km long. According to ADF, the road is vital to the inhabitants of Broja due to the geographic location of the village compared to the other villages of Kuksi.
The road will increase the community’s access to more socioeconomic opportunities. On the other hand, it will help to attract more visitors, fans of outdoor tours, and tourists looking for unknown and unexplored places.
Previously, another road the connects Shishtaveci village with Krushevo in Kosovo was inaugurated in May.
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News Source/Photo Credit: ADF

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