How Many New Foreigners Worked in Albania in 2019

How Many New Foreigners Worked in Albania in 2019

TIRANA, September 28

Most of the international citizens working in Albania are employed in the manufacturing, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and education sectors.
Over 3,818 international citizens were equipped with either a labor permit or an employment declaration in Albania during 2019, Scan TV reported. Based on the data provided by the National Agency for Employment and Skills (AKPA), there was a decline of two percent in the number of employment declarations issued for non-Albanian nationals in 2019 compared to the previous year.
According to AKPA, 1,608 foreign citizens were equipped with an employment declaration. Moreover, 11 percent of the declarations were issued for people working respectively in the textile and footwear manufacturing and the ICT sector, while ten percent were issued for people working in the education sector.
In terms of nationality, over 45 percent of foreign nationals equipped with an employment declaration in 2019 were Italians, 13 percent were Kosovans, six percent were English, and six percent were American citizens.
In the meantime, 2,210 foreign nationals obtained an Albanian labor permit during 2019. According to the data, 14 percent of the labor permits were issued for people working in the construction industry, 13 percent worked in activities of households as employers, 11 percent worked in mining and quarrying, eight percent in agriculture, and eight percent in the ICT sector.
In terms of citizenship, 33 percent of the foreigners equipped with a labor permit in Albania in 2019, were Turkish, ten percent were Chinese, ten percent were Egyptians, and five percent were Filipinos.

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Source: Scan TV

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