Albania to Offer E-Visa Service

Albania to Offer E-Visa Service

TIRANA, September 2

Starting Tuesday, Albania will offer international citizens the option to apply for an electronic visa. A decision published on a recent issue of the Official Gazette on August 31st defines the key features such as content, data elements, and security features.
The e-visa initiative was launched almost a year ago as it was considered a way to ease the visa application process for international citizens and to reduce waiting time. The changed o the visa policy will integrate the operating systems in all the institutions responsible for the verification and approval of all visa applications. Back at the time, the e-visa was expected to have a positive impact on the number of international visitors and tourists.
Based on the latest verdict, the e-visa will be printable in A4 black and white PDF format. Among many elements, it will include a QR code and national elements such as the symbol of the Republic and the map of Albania.
You can apply online for an Albanian visa. Read more HERE

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Source: The Official Gazette

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