High Scardus Trail Attracts Visitors to Korab Koritnik Park

High Scardus Trail Attracts Visitors to Korab Koritnik Park

TIRANA, November 6

Over 23,000 visitors have visited Korab-Koritnik Nature Park during January-October 2018. The Park covers an area of over 55,550 hectares in the regions of Kuksi and Dibra. The park borders with Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia and Sharri National park in Kosovo. The landscape of the park is beautiful and rare and it is regularly visited by numerous mountaineering association that climb to the mountain summit at 2,764 meters above the sea level, which is also the highest peak in Albania. The inauguration of the long-distance High Scardus hiking trail on August achieved its goal to attract more visitors in the remote areas of this nature park. Given the increasing figures, more investments are expected in the area especially on the accommodation and service sectors.

Korab Koritnik nature park

Map of Korab Koritnik Nature Park, Credit: AKZM

The park is home to 18 natural monuments such as caves, thermal water springs, waterfalls, lakes, etc. Moreover, the area is known for its historic, cultural, and spiritual heritage. The inhabitants living in remote villages that are part of the nature park preserve their traditional dances, songs, clothes, and even architectural styles.

How to reach the park?
From Kuksi
Kukes-Shishtavec, 32 km
Kukes – Caja Gorge, 37 km
Kukes – Kolesjan – Kroi i Bardhe, 35 km
Kukes – Zapod, 17 km

From Dibra
Peshkopi – Kala e Dodes – Radomira
Peshkopi – Kala e Dodes – Sorokol

From Kosovo
Gllabocica to Borje through Borje-Jazhnica cross-border point
Krushevo to Shishtavec

Camping sites in the park
Kapxhiu Camping in Peshkopia
Korabi Mountain Camping

Korab Mountain Camping

Horse riding at Korabi Mountain Camping

Local Hotels and Inns
Skiatori Hotel in Shishtavec
Basha Hotel in Novoseja
Gjana Inn

High-Scardus Trail

From the mountain peaks of Shari to the Coast of Prespa Lake, avid hikers have n the chance to walk a new hiking route that spans over 495 km. Adventure-seekers that want to explore the Balkans while walking long, long ways can now hit the High Scardus Trail. This newly marked trail spans in the mountainous areas between Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia.

Photo Credit: ShB Sharri

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