German Tourists ‘Abandon’ Italy. Reason? Albania

German Tourists ‘Abandon’ Italy. Reason? Albania

TIRANA, July 15

The tourism on the Italian coast is seeing a big competition on the other side of the Adriatic Sea, and this country is very much so Albania. The Italian local media of the city of Venetia, La Nuova, reports on its article published on Friday, July 12 that the reservations for this summer season, have dropped by 20% and the main reason for this is the amazing and virgin shorelines of Albania.

The Italian article underlines that this summer season, the number of bookings on the Italian coast have dropped by 20% due to vacationers choosing Albania instead. Pictured: Qeparo beach in Himara

In its article, it says that besides the number of bookings, have dropped consequently the number of German tourists on the coast (even though not yet official), who have chosen Albania instead. Jesolo is one of the most popular destinations but this summer season has seen a low number of vacationers, and the main reason they say is that German tourists have discovered Albania and the article underlines that the Albanian coast is already full of them.

karpen island, Adriatic Sea
German tourists, but not only, have chosen Albania this summer season, due to low prices and virgin shorelines. Pictured: Karpen Island in Adriatic Sea

For instance, if on the Italian coast of Jesolo, a night at the hotel plus European breakfast is between €60-70 and for those who prefer a whole week of vacations just renting an apartment is €600-700, on the other side of the Adriatic Sea, is half the price for an all-inclusive package. This is the reason, why many tourists (not only German) have chosen the Balkans region and other Mediterranean countries for their summer holidays, besides Albania, Greece, Croatia, Tunisia, Egypt, too, etc. putting Italy for the first time behind this summer season.

Source/ La Nuova

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