Fish in Albania Costed as Much as in U.K. in 2018

Fish in Albania Costed as Much as in U.K. in 2018

TIRANA, 9 September

The price of fish in the market became more expensive in 2018, for Albanians, even though data from the Institute of Statistics show that the quantity of its capture was increased last year. The price of fish, in Albania in 2018 was given the mark 81.2, compared to 77.4 which was in 2017, thus approaching the average of E.U. countries.

According to Eurostat, the European average of the fishes’ prices in 2018, was 100. In the countries where they have a higher level of fish production, the price is more expensive too, whereas, in the countries with a lower level, they pay a cheaper price. Even though during 2018, Albania marked a lower level than the European average, yet it has a higher price compared to some of the neighboring countries.

In comparison with the countries of the Balkan region, the fish cost less in North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and more in Montenegro and Serbia. For non-E.U. countries, the fish cost less in North Macedonia, with the mark 63.6. Whereas, regarding the E.U. countries, the fish cost less in Poland (69.1), Romania (69.2) and Bulgaria (71.8).

Even in the United Kingdom, the price of fish in the market, is lower than in Albania, according to Eurostat, with a level of 81. On a European level, the fishes are more expensive in Switzerland (147.7), followed by Austria (137.9), Denmark (129.9), Germany (123.8) and Luxembourg (119.1). For the year 2018, the quantity of fish captured in Albania was 8629 tones, from which 5537 tones were from the marine fishing. Whereas, the number of fishes that came from aquaculture was more than doubled since 2013.

According to Eurostat, on its report titled ‘E.U. fish market, 2018 edition’, the European Union countries remained the world’s largest trader of fishery and aquaculture products in 2017, surpassing even China, by more than €2.3 billion in trade volume. Consumption of fish increased also in the E.U., with Portugal being the absolute champion, with an average of 57 kg of fish and seafood per person, per year. The top five fish and seafood species are eaten in the E.U.
were tuna, cod, salmon, Alaska pollock, and shrimps. These species were mostly imported from non-EU countries.

Source/, Eurostat

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