Discover Boga Glacial Valley

Discover Boga Glacial Valley

TIRANA, August 27

Northern Albania is packed with dramatic mountain ranges and stunning valleys with rivers and lakes. Some 142 km away from capital city Tirana, on the Way to Thethi National Park, visitors travel through the u-shaped glacial valley of Boga, 700 meters above the sea level. The Valley is named after the alpine village located in the middle of the u-turn is an excellent option for those who travel at their own pace.

Boga Albania
Boge village, credit Abdulla Diku

Boga valley and village are tucked amidst the Bocan-Bridashe mountain ridge on the northwest and Rabe-Cardak mountain ridge on the southeast. Boga is part of the Shkreli administrative unit in the Malesi e Madhe Municipality. The main branch of Perroi i Thate (Dry Torrent) crosses the valley.

Besides the magnificent landscape, Boga is known for settlements that date back to the second and third centuries BC. The current inhabitant of the area are descendants of the Kelmendi tribe. The village is surrounded by mountain peaks that rise more than 2,000 meters above the sea level. The karst landscape in the area features numerous caves and underground galleries.

Boge Albania
Boge village, credit Abdulla Diku

Caving enthusiasts can visit Puci Cave, one of the most interesting caves in Europe. It is situated at 1,087 m above sea level. It is five km long and rich in stalactites and stalagmites. The cave has many levels, five alone in the center. By walking through its galleries, it is possible to connect with another cave, the Cave of Husi. Al underground lake can be found at the bottom of the cave. Given the complexity of Puci Cave, it is recommended for experienced cavers, although even they can become lost. Meanwhile, Husi Cave has not been explored completely due to the presence of permafrost. Other caves in Boga include the Big Cave, Gjek Marku Cave, the Cave of Faries, Silikoka Cave, etc.

Boga Albania
Mountains surrounding Boga Valley credit Abdulla Diku

Boga village along with Razma has been common summer destinations for the inhabitants of Shkodra and surrounding areas. Now, the villages offer proper year-round infrastructure for all types of visitors. There are guesthouses, hotels, camping sites, restaurants, and bars. Visitors can go on hiking tours, mountaineering, camping, mountain biking, horse-riding, etc.

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Source/Photo Credit: Abdulla Diku

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