Christmas Gifts Crafted with Love by Kukesi Wool Artisans

Christmas Gifts Crafted with Love by Kukesi Wool Artisans

TIRANA, November 21

If you’re looking for a special warm Christmas gift that will last longer and that also supports a good cause, you must check out the Christmas catalog by the Market Development of Artisanal Wool in Kukes. All the products are handmade and eco-friendly and they can be personalized and customized (see below for the catalog) The catalog includes handmade carpets, socks, Christmas tree decorations, accessories, toys, and many more.

Who crafts them?

Kukesi wool artisans

What is widely considered Granny skills, can help to revival the wool industry and at the same time to ensure that wool crafts are preserved for generations to come. Crafts take years and years to develop and a short time to fade into oblivion if not preserved. Thus, over 40 artisan women from Kukes have joined the MDAWK project supported by RISIAlbania. The Project has three main goals.

First, the economic empowerment of Kukesi women. The project aims to improve women’s ability to participate equally in the market. This guarantees access to productive resources and decent work, and control over their time and lives, as well as increased representation.
The second goal of MDAWK, as you can see by the sheep on the logo is related to the reactivation of the wool value chain in the region.
Third, to preserve wool craft skills.

wool dolls made by Kukesi Artisans
Wool dolls made by Kukesi Artisans

Kukesi is the poorest region in Albania and it’s highly affected by migration and these types of projects seek to facilitate growth through targeted groups or industries that have considerable sustainable development potential.

A Tale from Kukes Albania to You catalog

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Photo credit: MDAWK, FB page

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