Albanians Spent on Average Lek650/Month in 2018

Albanians Spent on Average Lek650/Month in 2018

TIRANA, July 29

Each owner of a cell phone in Albania has spent approximately around Lek7800 during last year. Data from the Electronic and Postal Communication Authority (in Albanian AKEP) show that the average spending for a cell phone was increased by 27% in 2018, compared to 2017. This indicator is found by dividing the total income from the retail services of cell phone operators, with the number of active subscribers, including the value-added tax.

The rise of the average spending came as a result of the decrease of 25% of the number of active subscribers during 2018. Referring to the method applied by AKEP, the number of active subscribers means the number of active cell phones. This trend started right after the decision from AKEP a few years ago, by not allowing differentiation of tariffs within the network with those outside the network. In these conditions, the users did not need to keep numbers from different cell phone providers, to make calls within each network.

This has brought a concentration of expenses and a rise of the average income for a user, in the last couple of years. Based on the data regarding 2018, every user of a cell phone spends on average Lek650 per month. Meanwhile, the average tariff paid by the Albanians last year was Lek3.5 for a minute, an increase of 11% compared to 2017.


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