Roaming, Now Up to 99% Cheaper in Western Balkan Countries

Roaming, Now Up to 99% Cheaper in Western Balkan Countries

TIRANA, July 1

Starting from today, July 1, officially it has come into force the agreement of the tariff reduction regarding roaming between the Western Balkan countries, including Albania. The reduction of the prices is fixed approximately 65% up to 99% in some cases. The agreement cuts down the costs of roaming, and by 2021 is expected to go roaming free for those who want to talk on their cellular, approaching the tariffs that are already in the EU.

As of now, out of the Balkan countries, Albania is one of the countries that offer the biggest reduction of costs regarding roaming. The residents of the Balkan peninsula that will use their cell phones in Albania, for the outcoming call from their devices will be charged 87%-97% cheaper, whereas for an incoming call the reduce will be 97% cheaper, compared to what they paid before July 1st.

The reduction will be in regards to the internet too, for the Balkan neighbors of Albania. Using their local cell phone operator, they will pay 93%-99% cheaper than they paid before. Before July 1st, the cost of roaming for the internet was 2.92€ per 1mb.

Whereas, the Albanian citizens will pay 90% less for the cell phone services while they are in the Balkan countries, especially for the internet, where they will pay only 0.03-0.13€ per 1mb. The agreement for roaming was requested strongly by the EU, meanwhile, the Regional Cooperation Council was engaged too for its implementation.

Source/ Scan T.V.

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