New Regulations for the Land Lines of Internet Service

New Regulations for the Land Lines of Internet Service

TIRANA, June 14

Land lines that offer internet service, name and promote their packages based on the maximum connection speed. But in reality the advertised speed is not offered to the customers all the time; often the internet speed is much slower, especially in the traffic hours where the internet is used the most.

In order to limit the speculations from the operators of landlines, soon they will be obliged to define accurately in their contracts even the minimum internet speed that the subscriber will have. In the draft regulation for the protection of users of electronic communications, Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (in Albanian AKEP) has defined that the minimum speed for the packages of access to the internet should not be less than 70% of advertised speed.

According to data provided by AKEP, the average speed of access to the internet from landlines in Albania is smaller compared to the world average. At the end of last year, approximately 62% of subscribers had a connection speed between 4-10 Mbps. But this data is referred to as the maximum connection speed, whereas the real speed is smaller.

The data for the month of April 2019, from the portal, reported that the average speed of internet from landlines on a global level was almost 59 Mbps. Additional conditions for transparency will have the operators of cell phones too.
They will have an obligation that in their publications and advertisements to show clearly that the advertised maximum speed is possible only under certain conditions. The text of the clarifying note should be with the same font and style with the one that shows the maximum speed.

Source/ Scan T.V.

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