Albanians Name Star and its Exoplanet Illyrian and Arber

Albanians Name Star and its Exoplanet Illyrian and Arber

TIRANA, December 18

Albania’s history now has a place in the starry sky. At a distance of 407.7 light-years, the ‘Arber’ exoplanet now orbits the yellow giant ‘Illyrian’ in the constellation of Leo Minor.
On the occasion of its hundredth anniversary, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) has revealed at Paris Observatory the names of Star HD 82886 and its exoplanet on Tuesday.
A total of 112 sets of exoplanets and host stars were given to 112 countries that joined the international ‘NameExoWorlds’ campaign.
“The project saw massive and widespread participation around the world, as the public eagerly engaged in this exciting opportunity to suggest meaningful, creative and unique names for exoplanet systems for their respective countries,” IAU announced on its official statement.

Albania Star and exoplanet named Illyrian and Arber
Over 120 proposals for names were received from Albania. Afterward, they were reduced to a shortlist and a total of 1,393 people voted for Illyrian and Arber.
Overall, 360 000 proposals for names were received from 112 countries and a total of 420 000 people voted for their preferred candidates.
The Illyrian star is visible from Albania and it’s sufficiently bright to be observed through small telescopes.

This is NASA’s hypothetical visualization of Arber and its star Illyrian
The complete list of names can be explored here

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