Albanian Women Outlive Men, Eurostat Report Confirms

Albanian Women Outlive Men, Eurostat Report Confirms

TIRANA, August 1

Albanian women outlive men with a difference by 3 years. According to the report published by Eurostat, on Thursday, 25 July 2019, titled ‘Life expectancy at birth in the EU, men vs. women’, in 2017,  the life expectancy in Albania, for men was 77.1 years and for women 80.1 years. Whereas, the life expectancy on average in 2017, in Albania, was 78.5 years.

life expectancy in Albania
The gap between men and women in Europe, regarding life expectancy in 2017. In Albania it was 3 years.   Source/ Eurostat

Whereas, the life expectancy in the European Union countries (EU) was estimated to be 80.9 years in 2017, reaching 83.5 years for women and 78.3 years for men, a difference of 5.2 years on average. In all EU countries, life expectancy at birth is higher for women than for men, although the size of the gap varies noticeably. The largest differences between the sexes are in Latvia (9.9 years), Lithuania (9.8 years) and Estonia (8.8 years). The smallest differences are in Sweden (3.3 years) and the Netherlands (3.2 years).

Life expectancy in Albania in 2017 was 78.5 years on average.  Source/ Eurostat

Albania has the lowest gap between women and men, regarding life expectancy in the Balkans region, followed by North Macedonia (3.8 years), Serbia (5 years), and Montenegro (5.3 years).

Source and Photo Credit/ Eurostat

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