EU Gave Residence Permits to Almost 52.000 Albanians in 2017

EU Gave Residence Permits to Almost 52.000 Albanians in 2017

TIRANA, July 16

The European Statistical Office (Eurostat) has published yesterday, July 15 a report titled ‘Residence permits granted in the EU‘ about the total residence permits granted to non-EU member countries in 2017. According to the report, the countries of the EU have given residence permits to 51.172 Albanians. From these, the top three countries that have given the Albanians the right to live and work, are Italy, Greece, and Germany, thus making Albania the 14th country in the world to receive residence permits for its citizens in the EU countries.

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In 2017, the EU countries granted 51.172 residence permits to Albanian citizens. Top three countries were: Italy, Greece, and Germany.

Based on the data provided by Eurostat, the 4th and 5th spots are the United Kingdom and France, which have granted the Albanians the right to stay in these two countries. In 2017, there were given a total of 3.1 million residence permits to non-EU-countries in the EU-countries. The majority of them were granted to the citizens of Ukraine (21% of the total), Syria (7%), China (6%), India and United States (5% respectively).

Source/ Eurostat

Photo Credit/ Eurostat, Wikimedia Commons


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