Albania to Establish a Transport Investigation Authority

Albania to Establish a Transport Investigation Authority

TIRANA, August 9

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy has composed and passed for public consultation, the draft law ‘For the creation of the National Authority for Accidental and Incident Investigation’. This draft law predicts the creation of a national authority for maritime and railway incidents. This draft law predicts the definition of rules for the organization and functioning of the authority and its relations with other railway and maritime authorities. The aim of this investigation is the improvement, when it is possible, of security in the railway, to prevent accidents and incidents. The investigation, according to this law, does not aim at the responsibility or ‘sharing’ the fault, but the discovery of reasons and their improvement.

The safe opening of the railway market, and the technological developments, for a transport interceptor of high security, which requires to ensure the technological compatibility from technical security. The increase of this level of security requires the creation of an investigation subject, independent from the actors that create the accident or incident, to make a thorough analysis of technical or psychological natures, for material or subjective reasons.


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