Agricultural Land of Karavasta Area to be Leased, Find Out Criteria

Agricultural Land of Karavasta Area to be Leased, Find Out Criteria

TIRANA, 11 September

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has started the procedures of leasing the agriculture land, for those areas where have been finished the previous contracts. In the latest announcement, the ministry said that there is at least 146ha of land in the Karavasta area that is expected to be rented by the interested individuals or subjects. The initial value of the lease for the start of the competition is Lek1.27 million. The duration of this lease for this property should be in accordance with the notes in the decision nr.373, date. 20.02.18, of Council of Ministers ‘For the determination of criteria, rules, procedures and the TIP contract, for leasing the agricultural land, a state property’ says the document.

The subjects applying should give general details over the project that is expected to be implemented. This means that the agricultural cultures or the species of plants being sowed should be specified, also the technologies that will be applied for the cultivation of the plants and the processing of products, investments in infrastructure (drainage, watering, disposition), described in physical and monetary indicators, the sale market, financial abilities, credits and the sources of funding, shown in figures, that guarantee the investments and the affection of activity in the growth of the number of employees.

The ministry also underlines that should be submitted the documents that verify the financial skills, credits, and funding sources should be released by the institutions charged by law, for this purpose. On the list of inquiries it is said that the subject should submit the investments’ project, compiled by a certified architect, the duration of the lease of the agricultural land, the self-declaration that it doesn’t have any financial obligations to the central or local taxation organs, that it is not prosecuted, that it doesn’t have any obligations to the landlord, and it is not in conflict of interest with the Competition Authority of Albania, the time of beginning and ending of planting the land with the agricultural culture, and the price (in Lek per ha/yearly) that the subject offers for renting the agricultural land.


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