Over 16,000 ha of Agricultural Land for Lease in Albania

Over 16,000 ha of Agricultural Land for Lease in Albania

TIRANA, October 23

A list of 7,563 state-owned land plots for rent located across Albania has been drafted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. A total of 16,371 hectares of land mostly arable land and orchards can be rented for a period of up to 30 years. The list of land plots is available here.
According to an instruction issued by the government earlier in August this year, the state land is leased over a 30-year term when used for orchards and ornamental plants and for 99 years when it’s used for olive groves.
The annual rental value of state-owned agricultural land ranges between Lek 5,000 and Lek 22,000 per hectare per year.
Moreover, it says that the rent value for any state-owned agricultural land, subject to a request for tenancy, for which a competitive procedure will be announced, is determined by the responsible structure.
The leasing of agricultural land is done through an auction procedure. The subjects interested in renting agricultural land should submit a request to the responsible structure that in this case is the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The interested individual or subject must submit a general description of the project for the agricultural activity planned to be developed on land, a request for lease, specifying the crops or plant species to be planted, the technologies to be applied in plant cultivation and produce processing, and infrastructure investments, the sales market, financial capabilities, credit and funding sources, expressed in value, and the impact of the activity on increasing the number of employees.

News Source: bujqesia.gov.al

Photo Credit: pixabay.com

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