How to Lease Public Land in Albania

How to Lease Public Land in Albania

TIRANA, August 24

Leases over public land in Albania can be granted for a period of time up to 99 years. The state authorities defined the procedures on state land leases and concessions. It defines auction as the process for bringing a lease of public land. The subjects must submit a request to the responsible authority.

The written request includes:
The identity of the person and a document that confirms the registration of the subject/company
The part of the cadastral map with the units that subject is interested to rent on a 1:2,500 scale based on the system for the registration of immovable properties, or on 1:5,000 scale according to the cadastral map of the Directorate on Land Administration and Protection (DAMT) for the cases when the agricultural land cannot be found in the register of immovable properties.
The cadastral review and the size of every land unit
A general description of the planned project and agricultural activity. The applicant must specify information on: crops and technologies that will be used for the plants’ cultivation and produce processing; the infrastructural investments in the irrigation system, the financial capacities; the market; loans and investment sources.
The business plan
The environmental impact assessment of the proposed project drafted by a licensed environment expert.
The investments projects drafted by licensed specialists
The lease term depending on the type of the plants that will be cultivated,
Documents that confirm that the subject has no unpaid financial obligations and lack of criminal records issued by the responsible authorities.
A document issued by the local office on immovable property registration that defines the actual conditions of the land.

Land lease terms
Public lands are leased for:
Up to ten years when the land will be used for the cultivation of fodder, legumes, corn, barley, medical, and decorative plants
Up to 30 years when the land will be used for vineyards and orchards, greenhouses, and plant nurseries.
Up to 99 years when the land will be used for olive tree cultivation.

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