160K Carp Fingerlings Stocked into Fierza Lake after 15 Years

160K Carp Fingerlings Stocked into Fierza Lake after 15 Years

TIRANA, October 11

For the first time in 15 years, some 160,000 fish fingerlings were stocked into Fierza Lake, Kukes area. This is a good start for one of the most suitable lakes and regions for sustainable fish economies in Albania. The country has an untapped potential for investment in sustainable and innovative water and land-based aquaculture and fish industry.

The fish seeds will have an impact on the population of fish species in Fierza Lake, yet action against illegal fishing, destructive fishing activities, and pollution are essential for the proper development of fish and lake economies.

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In early September, the Council of Ministers proclaimed Fierza Lake a site of interest for fish economies. Fierza lake fish stocking follows the Ohrid Lake stocking. Over 1.5 million Koran seeds, Ohrid Trout, were stocked into Ohrid Lake last week.

Over 1.5 million Koran Fingerlings Stocked into Ohrid Lake

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Blendi Cuci said from Kuksi that the next fish stocking event will take place in Prespa Lake.

Source/ Photo Credit: ATA

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