Which City Ranks First for not Paying Social Security?

Which City Ranks First for not Paying Social Security?

TIRANA, September 4

The State Labor Inspectorate and Social Affairs have conducted a control all over the country, in the framework of the anti-informality campaign, and it results that 30% of employees do not receive social security. But which are the most problematic cities where the employers do not declare their employees, thus avoiding to pay their mandatory social security or health insurance.

Out of 762 subjects in total which were caught red-handed, it results that the central region of Albania is the most concerning one with 427 subjects that don’t pay their employees’ social and health insurance. The city which holds the first spot for abusing with the work legislation is Durres county with 179 businesses, followed by Elbasan county with 103 subjects.   

The northern region is the second region of Albania where were found 185 subjects violating the law regarding this matter, followed by the southern region with 150 subjects. The city which has fewer violations of the law is Gjirokastra with 5 businesses doing so. In total, during the anti-informality campaign are found out 1465 undeclared employees, which have neither social security nor health insurance. 


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