Central Albania Holds Record for Informal Workers

Central Albania Holds Record for Informal Workers

TIRANA, August 21

Albanian employers continue massively to exploit their employees, without fulfilling their legal obligations first. Jobs that fall in the category of ‘black area’, where the employers don’t declare at the tax authorities the number of their employees, thus avoiding the obligations for paying their employees’ social or health insurances, or taxes for the wages, are still a big issue in Albania.

The anti-informality campaign undertaken recently has highlighted this problem, where referred to the official data in only 46 days, are caught without any insurance 1245 employees. It is still a high figure, that is almost approaching the figure of last year, in 2018 where 1580 employees were working, without having any social benefits.

However, the employees without rights are referred to the taxation organs and are now included in the obliged scheme of insurance, where they receive the benefits defined by-law. According to data, the central region of Albania has resulted in the most problematic one, regarding the payment of social benefits to their employees, with the city of Durres and Elbasan having the biggest number of employees working in the black area.

Whereas, the northern and southern regions of Albania have almost the same figures of informality regarding the matter, from which the cities of Vlora, Gjirokastra, and Shkodra, have the highest number of informal workers.


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