Where and How is Housing Tax Calculated for Tirana?

Where and How is Housing Tax Calculated for Tirana?

TIRANA, August 2

The water supply and sewerage system of Tirana have announced on its official website, for all the inhabitants of the capital city, to hurry up and make the calculation of the housing tax for their residences, which at the end will be included in the water bill.

They are invited to all of the locations of water supply offices in the Tirana area, where the specialists will calculate their housing tax, filling out a form. Under the category of household, taxpayers are included all the owners of objects that are used as residential places, such as:

-Buildings that serve people for basic housing needs, including: the houses, apartments, residences, and similar buildings

-Closed garages


-any other property, above or underneath the ground, that is not used for other purposes besides housing.

The documents needed that the residents should submit when they go to the water supply offices are:

  1. ID copy
  2. Property Certificate with the property card/sale and purchase contract, giving away or exchange, privatization or self-declaration act of ALUIZNI, recent reassessment of the property if they have.
  3. A water booklet or bill by Water Supply of Tirana

The categories which are excluded from this tax, are:

-real estate, buildings, a property of legal or physical entities, that based upon the agreement with the municipal units are used as social housing

-buildings that are used by the religious communities, in the function of their activity

-residential buildings declared as a residence by the head of the household, that profit only old age retirement/ social pension, where their family is made up of only retirees, or people with disabilities, unfit for work.

-residential buildings of the head of the household, that receive public assistance.

Below is the original form to fill out when doing the housing tax:


Source/ Water supply and sewerage of Tirana

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