Vlora Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Production Increased in November

Vlora Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Production Increased in November

TIRANA, December 4

Exports of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants from the Vlora Region reached 349 tons by the end of November compared to 290 tons in 2019.
Global trends have shown an increase in demand for medicinal and aromatic plants due to the coronavirus pandemic. As consumers are turning to healthier and natural products, the market of organic medicinal and aromatic plants is expected to grow further. Representative of Vlora Exports Center Lindita Kondi said for the Albanian Telegraphic Agency that farmers in the southern region are showing more inters in the cultivation of MAPs for the export market.

Currently, the region of Vlora which spans along the Ionian coast to the Greek border has more than 850 hectares of cultivated MAPs. Thanks to the warm climate, farmers were able to get a considerable amount of MAPs during November. The MAPs cultivated in Vlora are exported to the regional and European markets. North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, and Germany are the main export markets. Sage is the most common cultivated MAP in the region, however, farmers in the Konispoli area have invested in saffron plantations.
In 2019 Albania exported a total of 900 tons of MAPs.

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