Visit the attractive remote village of Upper Curraj

Visit the attractive remote village of Upper Curraj

As the country is preparing for the official opening of the tourism summer season in coastal cities, the opportunities for tourism in Albania are endless.

Apart from enjoying the beauty of the Albanian Riviera, tourists of the past years have been amazed by the cultural tourism that they have found in the country. But, this is not the only “other alternative” since they get amazed also by the beauty of the Albanian Alps and the untouched nature.

Curraj i Eperm is one of the most remote villages in northern Albania, with untouched natural landscapes and one of the less explored places in the country.

Situated in the Nikaj-Mertur area, in the western part of Tropoja district and bordered by the Dukagjin area of Shkodra, this village has a typical alpine panorama and climate. It is surrounded by green meadows full of flowers and colorful plants and high alpine ridges such as: Maja e Hekurave, Grykat e Hapeta, Maja e Kakise (2360m), Maja e Ndermanjes (2250m). The Nikaj-Merturi meadow is permeated by two rivers, Nikaj and Mertur rivers which flow into the Drin river.


Since in October of the past year, the Nikaj-Mertur area has been announced as a Regional Nature Park and included in the list of National Parks of Albania for being a touristic area of high potential.

Curraj i Eperm (Upper Curraj) is a very attractive area for hiking, trekking, for exploration adventures by backpackers, ect. Locals are very generous and hospitable regarding foreigners and offer shelters and bio food produced by them.

Photo credits: ATA

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