Nikaj-Mërtur area included in the list of National Parks as Regional Nature Park

Nikaj-Mërtur area included in the list of National Parks as Regional Nature Park

Albania has a relatively small territorial surface compared to other regional states as Greece or Croatia but it is blessed with a stunning nature and many wondrous landscapes. Surrounded by high-altitude mountains with permanent abode for snow and ice, washed in the east by the Adriatic and Ionian seas and very rich in rivers and forests, Albania is a pristine natural land. Albania counts 16 National Parks, 6 Archeological Parks  and latety two regional parks. The latest park inclused in the list of Albanian National Parks was Nikaj-Mërtur Regional Nature Park, declared as a National Park on October 25th. Present in the ceremony were local government officials from Kukes county, Bajram Curri Municipality, guests from Kosovo, Tirana and Skopje.

During the ceremony, the head of Lekbibaj commune Gezom Meshaj, pointed out the contribution of the German government in the implementation of “Protection of agro-biodiversity in rural areas of Albania” project, a project supported by GIZ and GOPA foundations.

Nikaj-Mërtur is a small historical region in the Tropojë District, known as one of the North Albanian tribes. Administratively, the region falls under Lekbibaj municipality, beside the Rajë village which belongs to the Fierzë municipality. On the east it borders Bujan municipality, Theth in the north, Shalë and Shosh in the west, Fierzë, Pukë and Fierzë, Tropojë in the south. The area lays within circa 200 km2.

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