Viewpoint Platforms Built over Osumi Canyons

Viewpoint Platforms Built over Osumi Canyons

TIRANA, June 5

A triangular viewing platform perched on the edge of Osumi Canyons was recently inaugurated in Corovoda area. This a rest stop over the beautiful canyons of Osumi River, in south-central Albania, that are one of the best tourist destinations in the country both for ecotourism or adventure sports. The viewpoint will provide a better access to the visitors and a better view of the canyons. The work for the construction of the two viewpoint platforms started in October 2016. The first is located at the Flag Site and at the Hole of the Bride. They are expected to be visited by more than 15,000 tourists during this season.

The construction of the two viewpoints was a joint initiative of the Albanian-American Development Foundation and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). The project cost was about Euro132,000 and it also included tourist signposts and supervision.

News Source/Photo Credit: AADF

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