Osumi Cayons, Albania’s Colorado

Osumi Cayons, Albania’s Colorado

Osumi Canyons are 26 km length, in an altitude of 450m from sea level. It is supposed they have been formed 2-3 million years ago from water erosion that dips in to the earth. Through all of its strait, it contains a lot of underground passages and unexplored caves. It is often thought that canyons have served long time ago like passages over Corrovoda’s river, but through passing of time, the ceilings of passages have been destroyed creating other various shapes that today form the canyon. In the gulf of this canyon that is passed from Osum river in both its sides, outflow falls from different villages pass in a rock chain.

osumi2 Photo credits: National Agency of Tourism

The origin of the biggest canyon in Albania, by many European researchers and geographers is thought as one of the greatest in Europe. The canyon is marvelous for its ecosystem that preserves in itself where as well, the greenery in both sides of the canyon is a permanent feature. Mediterranean bushes like heath, briar etc with a rich lively world and different categories of fish are preserved in river foundation. In the slopes of the canyon, erosive activity has created a rock chain, one of the rarest found in Albanian canyons.

Osumi1Photo credits: National Agency of Tourism

In Osumi Canyons are 6 straits where the canyon width ranges from 1.5m wide in its riverbed up to 35m wide up in the slopes. Besides in Canyons one can find a Cathedral, The eye, The Demons door… The digging through years has given to it the appearance of an edifice of a natural cult. Built to be a treasure of humanity through creative miracle of biggest master of all times – the nature, Osumi canyons give you a magic impression in the first second you see them.

osumi5Photo credits: National Agency of Tourism

Often it is hard enough or even impossible to describe those emotions that you experience seeing and touching, and perhaps it is incredible but it is true that experiencing these emotions will change your life. The view they offer when you see from high up is really breathtaking but the experience when you are actually down and having a walk makes you think you are part of a fairytale, or perhaps dreaming.

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