Vetting for Security Personnel at Tirana International Airport

Vetting for Security Personnel at Tirana International Airport

TIRANA, July 26

The measures for control and security at Tirana International Airport and aerial transport are expected to be increased after the approval for the new aerial code of the Republic of Albania. The draft law of the government has come out for public consultation, and then it will go for approval at the Parliament.

After the thefts of millions of euros that took place at the runway of the airport a few months ago, that was to be transported abroad, it is expected the personnel of the security of the airport to pass under strong control for a period no less than 5 years. Afterward, this procedure will be repeated even if it is passed the first control. This will serve as a periodic vetting.

The verifications will be done from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority will publish the disqualifying criteria. Controls are one thing, on the other hand, the whole security personnel has to be trained and certified for each category from the Civil Aviation Authority, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the new aerial code, every airport operator that offers services of Civil Aviation Authority, should compose, implement and maintain a security program, based on the regulations and standards of the European Union. Also, in this code are expected that the incidents or serious events, to be investigated by an independent authority from the Civil Aviation, which should submit the reports to the Council of Ministers, and the Ministry responsible for aerial transport.

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