Tirana International Airport Opens Tender for new Security Company

Tirana International Airport Opens Tender for new Security Company

TIRANA, July 18

This summer is expected to change the management of the security at the Mother Theresa International Airport. The license of ITCS has expired, meanwhile, the Albanian authorities have not renewed it. Informed about it, the concessionary association of the airport has decided to open an international tender for contracting another security company.

The results of the tender are not published yet, but it is expected that next week the high representatives of the concessionary association, will handle the procedures of the management of security at Rinas airport.

In fact, ICTS had a long-term contract for the guarantee of security at the Mother Theresa Airport, but because of the conditions of the expiration of the license could not exercise this activity. The main reason though is the two thefts that took place at the airport track, where under the threat of weapons, were taken millions of Euros, an amount of which the banks deposited abroad. ICTS Albania had a contract with the International Airport of Tirana since 2005, which was responsible for the security at the airport.

According to documents of the tender, the company that is responsible for the management of security in Rinas, is responsible for the control of the passengers, and the carry-on luggage, flight documents, scanning of the luggage, loading and unloading the luggage and mail, and lastly the control of the cars at the airport.

Also, the company in charge ought to secure and patrol the perimeter of the airport and inner areas, and the monitoring through CCTV. The length of the contract is 5 years, and the implementation starts this summer.

Source/ Top Channel.tv

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