U.S. Citizens Can Stay in Albania for One Year without Visa

U.S. Citizens Can Stay in Albania for One Year without Visa

TIRANA, March 3

The US citizens entering Albania can stay in the country for one year without needing to apply for a residence permit. This was decided on Wednesday during the meeting of the Council of Ministers. The period of stay for U.S. citizens in Albania was proposed by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. Based on the decision, all U.S. citizens are eligible to enter Albania and stay without a visa and/or residence permit for up to one year.
To restart their year of stay in Albania, U.S. citizens must leave the country and stay abroad for over 90 days.
The decision will come into effect after publication in the Official Gazette.

This decision ends the confusion among U.S. citizens that have recently arrived in Albania or plan on moving to the country. Up until the beginning of January, they were eligible for a one-year stay in Albania. Afterward, it was unclear if they needed a residence permit or not. Moreover, the United States Embassy in Albania issued an update in early February saying that Americans who entered Albania before January 7, 2022, were subject to the previous law On Foreigners and that the 90-day limit would not be applied to them. Those who entered Albania on January 7, 2022, or later were subject to a new 90-day limit of stay.

The recent decision finally clears up the confusion for all those U.S. professionals and retirees who are planning to move to Albania in the near future.

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Source: Prime Minister’s Office

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