Tourism Revenue Hit Record-High in Q3

Tourism Revenue Hit Record-High in Q3

TIRANA, December 13

Albania’s tourism industry surged to Euro 782 million in the third quarter (Q3) of 2019, the Bank of Albania (BoA) confirmed on its balance of payments report.
Further on, the statistics confirm a record-high in revenues for the January-September period at Euro 1.64 billion.

The number of tourists visiting Albania increased significantly during the last years. Based on official data, some 5.85 million tourists visited Albania during the first ten months of 2019. Even though Albania is known as an affordable destination compared to other countries in the Mediterranean region, the tourism industry generates considerable economic benefits for the country.

Albania is widely promoted by international media, travel writers, and tour guides. In early December ranked Albania among the 40 stunning places to visit in 2020 before they become packed with tourists. Insider highlights that Lieberman of The Points Guy also backs Albania as one to watch in 2020. She said: “For adventurous travelers, our bet’s on the Albanian Riviera in 2020 — though we expect tourism all across Albania to take off.”

New flight routes operated by low-cost carriers have an important role in the number of international arrivals to Albania.

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Source: Scan TV

Photo: Gashi River by Abdulla Diku

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