The mystic figure of “Ora” in Albanian mythology

The mystic figure of “Ora” in Albanian mythology

The Albanian mythology is rich in legends, personages and unbelievable stories told to us by our grandparents and also documented in historic books. Two of the most intriguing myth figures in Albanian legends are the mountain fairies and “Ora”, a half-human half-ghost figure that might protect you or cause disaster if it appeared to you. According to the myth, Ora was a transparent figure without shape which could transform into a human body in certain cases. It is believed an “Ora” used to live in mountains, forests, nearby springs or near to living places. In her book about Albania, Edith Durham says about this myth figure: “they usually appear at night as beautiful sparks”.

Most of Albanian tales have as a main character an Ora or a personage which is accompanied by its personal Ora. Legends say each person has its own Ora which protects him/her from bad occurrences and whirls around. If a dangerous Ora appears in front of you at night, you have to stand and wait for the dawn, at the moment they disappear. Their favorite places were shrubs, crossroads, the shores of rivers and springs, ect. The places where was supposed that Oras used to rest were untouchable by humans because if they would damage even a leaf near to their favorite place, the person or a member of his family would experience a disastrous situation. In ancient times, people would never say the name of Ora or they would be cursed by it.


In some legends and tales, Oras are described as good mythological figures and in several others as negative and dangerous.  Historians believe they come from the ancient pagan years of Illyrians and are inherited from generations until these days through legends and tradition. Many people believed in their Ora as if it was a Godsend, they prayed to it for help in difficult circumstances but for many others Oras where negative and dangerous paranormal species with evil purposes for humans.


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