The Czech Republic to Open Honorary Consulate in Saranda

The Czech Republic to Open Honorary Consulate in Saranda

TIRANA, December 15

The Czech Republic will open an honorary consulate in Saranda this week, local media reported. It will be the first honorary consulate of the Czech Republic in Albania and it will offer its services to the southern regions of Vlora and Gjirokastra. The opening of the consulate was first mentioned by Czech Ambassador to Albania Jaroslav Ludva during a visit he made to Saranda this summer.
Saranda is a popular destination among Czech tourists. Meanwhile, many citizens from the Czech Republic have invested in real estate in Saranda or relocated to the coastal city. Based on the information provided by local media, the consulate will be inaugurated this upcoming Friday in an official ceremony. Moreover, referring to sources from the municipality, Saranda News reported that Lolita Poda Jorkiwts will be assigned as honorary consul.
The opening of the new consulate is expected to boost economic cooperation between the Czech Republic and southern Albania.
Saranda is considered one of the best cities to live in Albania as well as a great destination for digital nomads. The city has an established community of ex-pats who enjoy living by the warm coast of the Ionian Sea.

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