Textile and Footwear Exports Recover in August

Textile and Footwear Exports Recover in August

TIRANA, September 17

Trading figures issued by the Institute of Statistics show that exports expanded in August amid signs of recovery. Based on the data, August exports were Lek 19 million, or 3.4 percent down to the same month in 2019. Meanwhile, August imports were Lek 48 million, or seven percent down to 2019. Year-to-date, the trade deficit decreased Lek 29 million, or 9.2 percent from the same period in 2019. The textile and footwear commodities and food, beverages, and tobacco were the sectors with the highest growth in August, respectively 5.2 and 3.5 percentage points.
Exports of textile and footwear increased in August following monthly declines since the end of the first quarter (Q1) due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Many businesses from the sector started operating in limited capacities.

Albania international trade in goods Jan – Aug 2020

Exports – Lek 169 billion -15.4%
Imports – Lek 376 billion -12.3%
Deficit – Lek 207 billion -9.7%

In terms of trade partners, Albania saw the highest growth in exports compared to August 2019 with Italy (22.1%), Germany (3.8%), and Greece (38.6%).

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Source: INSTAT

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