Talks Underway for Durres-Dubrovnik Ferry Route

Talks Underway for Durres-Dubrovnik Ferry Route

TIRANA, November 15

Albanian and Croatian authorities are exploring options for a new ferry route that would connect the port cities of Durres and Dubrovnik. The Durres Port Authority confirmed on Sunday that a coordination meeting between technical working groups took place over the past week.
Both groups analyzed the new connection option as well as the advantages that it would offer to both countries in terms of maritime passenger and freight transport.

According to the announcement, the working groups aim at making the new route operation within the first six months of 2022. On their part, the Croatians said that expected investments at the Durres and Porto Romano port infrastructure sound appealing to their passenger and freight ferry services.

Currently, Albania has direct ferry connections with Italian destinations and the Greek Island of Corfu.

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