Processing Industry Dominated Work Market in 2018

Processing Industry Dominated Work Market in 2018

TIRANA, 10 September

Whilst the work market is mainly deformed and has a mismatch between the offer and demand, data from the National Service of Employment, shed a light about what the businesses offer. Referred to data, it results that 46% of vacancies are in the processing industry. Thus, the businesses need craftsmen of different sectors, such as wood, iron, processors, tailors, shoemaker, etc. because this industry is expanding continuously.

The number of vacancies that are offered is very high compared to individuals that seek work in this sector, which shows the possibilities for employment are very big. The second sector, with the highest employment, is the information and the communication sector, such as the cellular companies, IT, companies that offer internet service, which registers 9% of vacancies.

Construction is another sector that has great potentials for employment, and the supporting administrative services, where are included mainly the call centers, each with 8%. Less possibility for employment offers agriculture, forestry, fishing, and education. In total, during 2018, were available over 61.000 vacancies in the employment offices.


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