Pristina Airport’s Employees on Strike, Check Your Flights

Pristina Airport’s Employees on Strike, Check Your Flights

TIRANA, August 22

The employees of the Pristina International Airport have been on strike for three days in a row now, and warn that they will continue to be on strike until they have their rights fulfilled.  Many Albanian and international citizens travel to and from Albania through Pristina Airport due to more affordable prices. Make sure to check if the strike can disrupt your flight!
The strike has had an effect on the airport’s activity delaying the scheduled flights. However, the Union of the Pristina International Airport has said in an official statement they will go on a general strike this upcoming Sunday, 25 August 2019.

The employees ask for compensation and other benefits, for their safety, the elimination of discrimination in wages, the acknowledge of seniority at work, and the payment of the hours of work during the weekends, as it is predicted by-law. So far, there was no positive response from the airport authorities yet. In fact, the representative of the Pristina International Airport, Valentina Gara has warned that legal actions will be taken for the employees who will interrupt the work procedure at the airport, with their strike, which cause as a result delay in flights. Currently, the only international airport in Kosovo has 14 airlines that operate in it and in 2018, had a passenger flow of around 2.1 million people.


Photo Credit/Limak Kosova

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