Over 1,100 Made in Albania Brands Registered in 2020

Over 1,100 Made in Albania Brands Registered in 2020

TIRANA, January 13

A total of 1,115 Made in Albania brands were registered during 2020. Official data from the General Directorate of Industrial Property confirm that 1,164 applications were submitted over the previous year or 13.7 percent more compared to 2019.
Albanian companies and businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of brands when it comes to overseas markets and global competitiveness.
According to the law in effect, anyone has the right to apply for trademark registration.

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The first Albanian trademark

Sinalco beverages banner
Sinalco Refreshing beverages, Credit: National Library

The first registered Albanian brand is ‘Hobdari’ or ‘Vllazen Hobdari’ and it dates back to 100 years ago. The Hobdari brothers belonged to a well-known family of merchants. Around 1890 the family invested in the food industry and produced artisanal soap. By 1914 they built the first soap factory in Tirana. Two years later the family built another factory for ice, alcohol, and refreshing beverages. In 2018 the company created an industrial unit that included soap and ice factories, a distillery, fresh beverages line under the German Sinalco brand, and a lab for perfumes made with essences of German brand Gunt George. The factories operated until 1947 when they were seized by the communist regime.


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Source: DPPI
Photo Credit: Nena Farm

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