Oriku Archeological Park more Accessible for Visitors 

Oriku Archeological Park more Accessible for Visitors 

TIRANA, April 25

Oriku Archeological Park will be more accessible this season thanks to an agreement signed between the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Culture. Starting June 2015, Oriku Archeological Park was included in the tourist’s destination map of Albania. The important site is located within Palashiman Navy Base, thus tourists had to go through several safety procedures. Therefore, only some 5,900 tourists visited the base during 2016-2017. The visitors were mostly from Italy, Germany, Austria, France, and Poland.

“A list of names is required for groups of tourists, while individuals or familiar visitors need only to hand their ID to the checkpoint. They will be accompanied by a member of Oriku Park staff,” regional director for National Culture in Vlora Orgest Feimi said.

The ancient city of Oriku was established by Eubeasi tribe during the sixth century BC in the Paleokastra hill. Archeological excavation that started during the 50s discovered the Acropolis, the port, stairs, the altar, the well, and the temple.

News Source: RTSH

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