No Receipt? Businesses will be Fined Lek50.000, Up to Shutdown

No Receipt? Businesses will be Fined Lek50.000, Up to Shutdown

TIRANA, July 24

At the peak of the campaign against the informality, the General Directorate of Taxation has warned the businesses to enforce tax laws, otherwise, the businesses will be fined up to the shutdown of the activity. According to the law on tax procedures, the businesses that don’t give a receipt to customers, will be fined Lek50.000. If this violation will be repeated, then besides the fine, the business will close down for 30 days. According to the General Directorate of Taxation, if the companies after the closure, will attempt to reopen the activity then all the quantity of goods in inventory will be confiscated.

The penalties will be harsh even for the businesses that sell without giving a receipt. For them, it will be fine as much as 100% of the undeclared taxes. But if this violation will be repeated for a second time, besides the fines, the tax liability will be changed automatically. So, the businesses that have declared to have a turnover of less than Lek2 million, will be registered immediately in the value-added tax scheme (T.V.SH.). In the last days, the tax inspectors have started the controls in terrain all over the country. According to data, until now there are fined hundreds of businesses on a national level, and it is blocked the activity for dozens more.

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