New Ekspozita Building Will Rise in Tirana

New Ekspozita Building Will Rise in Tirana

TIRANA, February 14

A new mixed-use tower planned at former Ekspozita that mimics the shapes of nearby Dajti Mountain will rise for 93 meters, confirms. The project by mario cucinella architects (MCA) for a private client is scheduled to be completed by 2023. The design features lavish green gardens in the sky and energy-efficient building design.
According to MCA, the building will use 30 percent less energy than other comparable developments. The design pays close attention to the climate of Tirana and solar shading to minimize heat gain during summers as well as the need for heating or cooling during shoulder seasons.
The unusual geometry building will rise for 24 stories, peaking in the rear and withdrawing back into itself. It will comprise commercial, residential, and public amenities. MCA is also developing another luxury mixed-use building in the area between Dajti Hotel and the Catholic Cathedral, MET Building Tirana.
Meanwhile, many other projects are under development in the Albanian capital and they can be easily located by the colorful cranes all over the central part of the city.

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Photo Credit: MCA

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